Walkie Bits little colorful turtles that crawl around on your desk and play music when you want them to. This tiny turtle crawls around your desk as would any turtle (except it seems happy, because of its wagging tail.), You can tap its shell up to 15 times in the rhythmic pattern of your choosing, and it will chirp it back to you.
This little guy also hums and dances! Did you know that he is the smallest programmable robot available. This technological wonder has two modes, boogie mode and racing mode. In boogie mode, you can tap its shell in a tempo and the turtle will maintain that tempo, allowing you to have it dance to your music! In race mode, just set it down on a flat surface and watch the little guys speed away! This mode is especially exciting because they are programmed to stop randomly so you never know who will get to the finish line first!
Get a few, to keep each other company. I’m going to buy a bunch of these!