Maybe we’ve spent too much time filtering on Instagram. Or maybe we’ve spent too long looking at old family slides, coveting the bright colors captured on kodachrome. Whatever the case, we’re glad we did! Cuz it inspired us to create our own IRL color filter and put it in an easy to transport slide frame. It’s the Phone-o-Chrome Color Filter. Just hold it over your phone’s lens to filter in beautiful rainbow shades as you shoot. This old timey slide frame doesn’t just contain one filter. It’s a full spectrum gradient that changes color with the slightest shift. So it’s like a kabillion filters in one!
Warm up that winter sky just a touch. Cool down hot beach pix with the blue end of the spectrum. Move it in front of your lens as you film a video to shift the mood of the room. Keep it in your wallet, pocket or even in your phone case. It’s super small so you’ll always have a filter at the ready. Feed your nostalgia for slides and your new love of filters with one little gizmo.