Taiwanese designers KBme2 present yet another refreshingly analog iPhone companion and gadget. The Phone+Book is essentially a scrapbook that snugly houses the iPhone and a pencil/stylus for both sketching analog ideas and maneuvering through digital landscapes. Phone+Book is a new way to enhance your creativity and ideation. Of course, like any useful book, the Phone+Book also provides pages for articulating words and pictures–it has grey-dotted, red-lined and blue-crossed pages for your varying purposes. Put your phone inside the notebook while you browse. The Phone+Book comes with a pencil, which can be used as a stylist for your phone if you flip it upside down. If an idea pops into your head, you can write it down right then and there.
Don’t tell your boss, but we think the phone+book is the best way to secretly use your phone in a boring meeting.