$1 - $50

Bamboo Paper Straws – $8

The Bamboo Paper Straws from Kikkerland Design are wax coated and food-safe straws. The printing is done using soy-based inks. Maybe you recycle your beverage cans and bottles, but the normal straws you use everyday are usually plastic that pollute the earth for hundreds of years. These straws, however, look like fresh green bamboo shoots and they’re green in more than one way. The straws are completely biodegradable and compostable, which makes this an excellent eco-friendly product for use at home and by green businesses that distribute beverages requiring straws. Each straw is eight inches long, and you get 144 straws in a pack. You better hide it from the likes of Po, because a hungry and roly-poly Panda will start salivating at the very thought of tasting these brightly colored and eco-friendly bamboo straws.