Just because chivalry is dead and gone doesn’t mean that fearless knights are extinct as well. With the armored knight hoodie you’ll be able to resemble these once noble fighters without having to actually embody their set of beliefs.
This unique and stylish armored knight hoodie will not only keep you warm in chilly weather conditions but also let others know that you are not to be messed with. The hoodie is a one piece garment that’s styled in the image of the revered knights from medieval times. The sweater slips on like a regular hoodie and features reinforced stitching so you can wear it day in and day out without fear of ripping. It also includes a retractable helmet as well as additional elbow and shoulder padding to give the hoodie the authentic armored knight look. The hoodie is mainly made for adults and makes a great present for all guys. The hoodie comes in a dark grey which goes great with virtually any color and can be worn as part of an outfit or just for role playing games.